Department of hand surgery & Microsurgery.

Clinodactyly and Kirner deformity

What is clinodactyly and kirner deformity?

This condition involves angulation of finger distal to palm.

What is the difference between clinodactyly and kirner deformity ?

In clinodactyly the finger deviates to the side ( For Example little finger deviates towards ring finger ). In kirner deformity, the finger tip bends towards the palm.

Why is there angulation of the finger ?

This happens because one of the bones in the finger is abnormal in shape and smaller. It is often hereditary and present on both sides.

What is the treatment for this condition ?

Most children, though they have a deformity , function very well. If the finger function is good no treatment is necessary. Treatment is offered only when the angulation is severe or the angulated finger interferes with the function of other fingers .