Department of hand surgery & Microsurgery.

Fractures of Forearm

What Are The Bones In The Forearm ?

Forearm Has Two Bones Namely Radius And Ulna. Forearm Fractures Are Common Injuries Of The Upper Limb.

How Forearm Bones Are Fractured ?

The Bones Are Fractured Due To Severe Trauma In The Form Of Fall Or Direct Hit. Diseases Which Can Cause Thinning Of Bone (Osteoporosis) Can Increase Chances Of Fracture. When Both Radius And Ulna Are Fractures It Is Known As Both Bone Fractures Of The Forearm. Radius Fracture Can Occur Alone Or Can Be Associated With Joint Disruption. Radius Fractures With Wrist Joint Disruption Are Known As Galeazzi Fracture Dislocations. Similarly, Ulna Fracture Can Occur Alone Or Can Be Associated With Joint Disruption At The Elbow. Ulna Fracture With Joint Disruption Is Called Monteggia Fracture Dislocation.


Fractures Of Radius And Ulna Are Managed Successfully With Plaster When Fracture Occurs At Certain Areas And At Certain Ages Of The Patient. Fractures Which Move Away Or With Multiple Pieces Often Need Surgery; Most Often Managed With Plates And Screws And Less Often With Nails And External Fixators ( Fixators Which Lie Outside The Skin ). Galeazzi And Monteggia Fracture Dislocations Almost Always Need Surgical Correction.