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Luno Triquetral Ligament Injury

What Is Luno Triquetral Ligament (Ltq)?

The Lunate Bone And Triquetral Bone Are At The Distal End Of The Radius (Little Finger Side Of The Wrist). They Constitute Essential Components Of The Wrist Joint’s Articulation. These Bones Are Held Together By Intercarpal Ligaments, Which Are Strong Ligaments That Run Between Carpal Bones. The Luno Triquetral Ligament Connects The Lunate And Triquetral Bones. When This Bond Between The Lunate And The Triquetrum Bones Sustains A Complete Ligament Tear, This Is Known As Luno Triquetral Dissociation.A Luno Triquetral Dissociation Throws The Wrist Joint’s Balance Off, Resulting In Asynchronous And Uncoordinated Motion Between The Carpal Bones As The Patient Moves Their Wrist. This Can Result In Wrist Pain And Swelling, Clicking, A Lack Of Grip Control, And A Loss Of Range Of Motion.

How Does Luno Triquetral Ligament Injury Occur?

A Luno Triquetral Ligament (Ltq) Injury Can Result From Several Causes, Including Sports-related Injuries, Falls, And Motor Vehicle Accidents. It Is Typical Of People To Dismiss The Accident At First, Believing It To Be A Minor “Sprain.”The Injury Becomes Permanent If Weeks Or Months Pass Without A Diagnosis. Some People Experience Decreased Range Of Motion And/Or Pain In The Wrist During Strenuous Exercises Like Push-ups And Weight Lifting, Even Though They Can’t Remember A Particular Injury.

What Are The Symptoms Of Ltq Injury ?
  • Wrist Pain, Especially When Trying To Put Weight On The Injured Wrist (E.G., Trying To Do A Push-up)
  • Instability And Vulnerability Of The Wrist
  • Weak, Painful Grip
  • Reduction In Wrist Mobility
  • Swollen Wrists
How Ltq Injuries Are Diagnosed ?

Diagnosis Is Suspected By Your Surgeon By Listening To Your History And By Examining Your Wrist. Most Often Plain X Rays Will Be Normal. Mri Often Helps To Confirm The Diagnosis.

What Are The Ltq Injury Treatment Options?

The Severity Of The Tear, The Acuity Of The Fracture, And The Prevalence Of Arthritis All Influence Treatment Of Luno Triquetral Ligament Injury. Partial Tears May Progress To Wrist Arthritis
Partial Luno Triquetral Ligament Injuries Are Treated Successfully With Plaster. Complete Luno Triquetral Ligament Injuries Need Surgery. The Surgical Technique Depends On Factors Like Duration Of Injury, Changes Occurring Inside The Wrist Joint.
Acute Luno Triquetral Ligament Injuries Are Treated By Repair. Chronic Luno Triquetral Ligament Injuries Will Require Reconstruction With Tendon Graft. Wrist Arthroscopy Is Often Used To Determine The Type Of Surgical Procedure.

Ltq Injury Recovery Time

It Is The Same For Arthroscopic And Ligament Repair Surgeries, About 3 To 6 Months. In Some Instances, Non-operative Treatment Fails Because The Injury Is Too Severe.