Department of hand surgery & Microsurgery.


With years of experience and backed by state-of-the-art technology, we are dedicated to helping you be your best self


A finger or hand prosthesis is an artificial substitute or replacement of the lost part of the body. Loss of a finger or hand can pose serious threat to the individual’s core identity. He/ she may steer clear of public places, intimate relationships, and chronically hide their residual limb or even avoid employment opportunities due to their condition. We here in the department design and create custom fingertip, finger, thumb, partial hand and hand prostheses for patients who have experienced loss of form and function. Wearing a prosthetic finger restores the lost shape and length of the finger, allowing for improved function, especially when using keyboards or office machines and closes the “holes” in a person’s grip, so that objects don’t fall out of the hand. Custom prostheses are colour matched and made to look as life-like as possible. These prostheses can usually be fit with suction, medical grade adhesives, fit with finger ring or osseointegrated implants and custom acrylic fingernails can be added.

We always have our Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery Unit at the rescue of patients here in the hospital. However delay in approaching the surgeons, severely crushed fingers and technical difficulties makes prosthetic replacement an important treatment option for hand and finger amputees.