Department of hand surgery & Microsurgery.

Osteoid Osteoma

What is osteoid osteoma ?

Osteoid osteoma is a benign ( not harmful) bone lesion that has been well described in the hand. 5%-15% of osteoid osteomas occur in the hand and wrist.

What are the symptoms of osteoid osteoma ?

Typically seen in persons who are 20-40 years of age. They would notice a dull ache that is constant and relieved with medications like NSAIDs. Painless osteoid osteoma do occur in the hand, and in these instances the primary complaint is swelling.

How is osteoid osteoma diagnosed ?

Most are diagnosed with a simple x ray of the affected part. Some may need further imaging modalities like CT scan or MRI.

How is it treated ?

Treatment of osteoid osteoma in the hand or carpius has consisted of surgical excision.